The Elsie’s Wheel Aquarius deck is an inclusive, astrology-based tool for self-reflection, empowerment, and creative social change. It is the first deck in a twelve deck series inspired by Elsie Wheeler's Sabian Symbols. Each deck focuses on one zodiac sign and functions as a standalone oracle deck. As more decks are released, you can combine them if you wish, but they each work well on their own.

We chose to release Aquarius as the first deck in the series as its themes seem most needed at this time. When so much tries to pull us apart, focusing on community and the common ground we share brings us back together. Although the roots of this deck lie in astrology, no astrological background or even Aquarius placements in your birthchart are necessary to work with this oracle deck.

The find more behind-the-scenes info about the deck, check out this interview with Asali Earthwork.

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