Jazz Dog Portraits

A wonderful jazz-loving couple asked me to draw portraits of their two hairless Peruvian dogs, Gracie and Monk, as jazz musicians.

Gracie’s portrait was created in 2019 with colored pencils and Monk’s portrait was created in 2015 with colored pencils and alcohol-based markers.

It was such a delight to imagine these two dogs as the jazz musicians they are named after!


Gracie is a ball of energy who is named after Grace Kelly, the jazz saxophonist known for her frenetic playing style and blue-green hair. Gracie the dog, while technically hairless, has a few stray locks on her forehead and around her eyes. I decided to stylize them as a blue-green mohawk and eye makeup to evoke Grace Kelly’s signature hair. I also incorporated the hair motif into the strands of music floating out of the saxophone.

Monk, Gracie’s mildly cranky counterpart, is named after the famed jazz musician Thelonius Monk. In this portrait I decided to create an alternative reality where the famed musician was actually a hairless dog, inspired by Monk’s iconic piano photograph. I couldn’t resist adding Monk the Dog’s signature tongue waggle to the portrait.