Planetary Pirouette

When Tara asked me to design a logo for her astrological counseling business, I was delighted! She had a clear vision of a ballerina spinning on top of a planet that she wanted to incorporate.

Inspired by 60s comic books, I proposed taking an outline of a ballerina and filling it with cosmic symbols - signs, constellations, and even eclipses. 

We set the ballerina spinning atop her planet and all that was left was the hand-lettering. The lettering is inspired loosely by the logo of the 60s TV show Bewitched.

I pulled the lettering out from the rest of the design so that it could be used as a horizontal version of the logo. For situations that would need a square logo, I provided the planet alone.

I am so happy with how this retro astrological logo turned out!

︎ Designed for: Planetary Pirouette
︎Art Direction: Tara McCarthy
The final logo

Horizontal version of the logo
Square version of the logo