Special Occasion Seed Packets

The goal in designing these seed packets was to promote seeds as environmentally-friendly gifts. The packets fit comfortably inside a standard greeting card and will give the recipient flowers for years to come!

Seed varieties were chosen with the specific occasion in mind and they all are easy to grow. 

︎Designed for: Sow True Seed
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A thank you bouquet that will last for years!

For the Happy Birthday packet I wanted to create a gardener’s ideal birthday cake - a soil layer cake! All four soil layers are represented, along with a crew of festive earthworms to spell out the birthday wishes.  Giant Zinnias, t he seeds that are in the packet, grace the top of the cake in place of candles.
A Valentine’s Day themed packet 

In designing this 4th of July packet, I wanted to go back to the agrarian roots of our country and celebrate the freedom that growing your own food allows you. And of course, I can’t resist a good lettuce pun!

This packet features a snowflake made of the various seeds that Sow True Seed carries. From largest to smallest we have: squash seeds, beans, corn, wheat, nigella, and mustard seeds!