The Utopian Seed Project

I worked with Chris at The Utopian Seed Project to create a logo that represents the organization’s three-part mission: Experiment, Educate, and Celebrate. 

He had a clear idea about the symbols that he wanted in the logo: a seed to embody experimentation and crop-trialing, roots to represent spreading knowledge throughout the community, and rays of sun to celebrate crop diversity.

We worked together  to bring that vision to life. The first hand-lettered logo iteration is shown in the second image. I liked how the colors transitioned smoothly around the circle in this version. However, we decided to  change the color scheme and go with lettering that was more earthy and organic-looking, which you can see in the final versions. 

Since the logo is so colorful, I provided Chris with different color scheme options for printing purposes. The monochromatic logo is my favorite version over all. I like the stability that the alternating stripes lend to the image.

︎ Designed for: The Utopian Seed Project
︎Art Direction: Chris Smith at The Utopian Seed Project

The monochrome version of the final design
The first iteration of the design 
The greyscale version of the final design

The landscape version of the final design