Zodiac Flower Seed Packets

During my time at Sow True Seed, I created the Zodiac Seed Packets as a marketing initiative to engage younger generations with gardening. I completed the illustrations in colored pencil and the hand-lettering in ink.

I also designed a version of the Sow True Seed logo for the cover of the collection tin and designed the back of the packets with planting instructions for the flowers.

In the design phase of the project I selected the best seed choice for each zodiac sign based on traditional astrology. From there, I planned out how to work each flower into the astrological symbol on the front of the packet.

Each zodiac symbol was designed to look like it is coming out of a portal on the packet. The portal colors are based off of the traditional astrological rulers of the signs.

I knew that I wanted the zodiac seed packets to stand out so I decided to go with a jet-black background to evoke the vastnest of the cosmos. The only challenge was that I had to make the white text on the back of the packets heavy enough to be legible.

I am proud of the zodiac packets because I managed every single aspect of the project myself, from the project proposal to the illustrations to the layout design.

︎ Designed for: Sow True Seed

The Zodiac Flower Garden Collection Tin

Click the images for a close-up of the individual designs

Zodiac Flower Sticker Rainbow!