About Studio Gooz

Gooz meowing hello!

About Studio Gooz

Hi there, I’m Gooz, a cat who is trained as a graphic designer. I woke up one morning and found that I had sprouted opposable thumbs, much to my surprise. So I took it as my mission to promote cat-made art, specifically in the realms of graphic design and illustration.

With my handy-dandy new thumbs and a hunger to get designing, I rang up my pal Carolyn, a fellow nature-lover and graphic designer, and together we dreamed up Studio Gooz: a one-stop shop for creative design. With my illustrative prowess and her love of coding, we combined forces to bring our nature-inspired flare to the different realms of design.

Our work is inspired by the magic of words and the boundless array of colors found in the natural world. We celebrate the beautiful mutable nature of words through hand-lettering and word play. We can't resist a good pun! Top that off with a liberal use of colors and a bit of retro flare, and you have our signature style.

If you're interested in working with us, please email info@studiogooz.com !

Our Team

Gooz hard at work

Gooz Gustaferson

Graphic Designer

Gooz enjoys working from his custom-fitted rolling cart that is fully stocked with pencils, mangoes and fuzzy blankets. He firmly believes in the power of the dried mango to heal all ills.

On the job, he is known for his impeccable hygiene and detail-oriented designs. In the past few years he has mastered the use of the drawing tablet, much to the surprise and delight of his friends and family.

In his spare time Gooz dabbles in some amateur entomology, lepidopterology, and the occasional arachnology. He is a connoisseur of fine design and fermented foods.

Pictured above: the infamous Gooz Snooze.

Carolyn Dugas

Carolyn Dugas

Nature Enthusiast + Coder

Raised on a steady diet of moss smoothies and tick repellent, Carolyn has been toddling around the outdoors since her first pair of jelly sandals. In the past few years she has traded in her sandals for boots as she's delved into the wonderful world of wild foods. She can often be found gathering forest mushrooms and edible weeds to craft into tasty morsels.

Previous to her career as a graphic designer and woodland wanderer, Carolyn worked as a coder after studying computer science at Duke University. She finds fulfillment in making beautiful websites and celebrating the natural world through the lens of design.

You can follow along with her fantastical foraging adventures over at Fresh + Foraged.



Mystical Support

Mycelia is the thread that binds us all together. They work behind the scenes to ensure that everything is running smoothly and that Gooz's supply of dried mangoes remains well-stocked.

On occasions when mystical guidance is needed, Mycelia provides compassionate and heart-centered advice. They enjoy consulting the stars for astral guidance and selecting auspicious dates.

When they're off the clock, Mycelia enjoys exploring little-known realms of the woods and tending to their marvelous mushtache. Mushtaches require a surprising amount of maintenance! Mycelia employs a frequent misting protocol to ensure an even fruiting of mushrooms throughout the day.