Gracie Custom Dog Portrait

A wonderful jazz-loving couple commissioned me to draw portraits of their two hairless Peruvian dogs, Gracie and Monk, as jazz musicians.

Gracie is a ball of energy who is named after Grace Kelly, the jazz saxophonist known for her frenetic playing style and blue-green hair.

Gracie the dog, while technically hairless, has a few stray locks on her forehead and around her eyes. I decided to stylize them as a blue-green mohawk and eye makeup to evoke Grace Kelly’s signature hair. I also incorporated the hair motif into the strands of music floating out of the saxophone.

  • Client : Kristen and Cliff D.
  • Style : Colored Pencil
Gracie Jazz Dog Portrait Above: Gracie's portrait Gracie Dog Portrait Source Gracie source image Gracie Dog Portrait Source Gracie source image