Watercolor Scherenschnitte

Scherenschnitte is a Pennsylvania Dutch folk art also known as Scissors Cuttings. Traditionally each Scherenschnitte is cut out by hand and mounted to a backing board. They are related in style to Fraktur which are elaborate drawings used to decorate birth certificates, marriage blessings and other life milestones. Each design uses nature symbolism to craft a unique message for the recipient.

Growing up my mother used to make Scherenschnitte and give them as housewarming and wedding gifts. I decided to add a modern twist to this traditional craft by working digitally with watercolors. It has been fun connecting to my Pennsylvania Dutch heritage through this project.

This Scherenschnitte features a Mop-tailed Distelfink with a crescent moon. Also known as a Goldfinch, this lunar distelfink is said to bring good luck throughout the waning and waxing of life. The tulips that decorate the vines represent faith in the cycles of nature and life.

Orange Scherenschnitte Illustration