Wandering Minds Logo

When Elizabeth approached me about redesigning her logo, she was unsure which direction she wanted to go visually, so we started by exploring the mission and history of Wandering Minds. As an organization that specializes in applied research to help companies 'make sense out of chaos', I thought that a compass might be a good starting point for the logo.

I sketched out some unconventional compasses [see the second image], but we ended up settling on a more traditional compass. While playing with the lettering, I noticed that the first two letters (W + M) are mirror-images, so I wanted to sneak that into the compass. In the final version we ended up placing them on the inside of the compass and adding two small arrows for visual balance.

For the lettering, I wanted to highlight the mirror-image W and M once more, while fitting them snuggly against the icon to draw the whole logo together.

  • Client : Wandering Minds LLC
  • Art Direction : Elizabeth Becker
Full color logo with hand lettering Above: Full color version of the Wandering Minds logo with hand-lettering Initial concept Above: One of the initial concept sketches