Zodiac Seed Packet Collection Tin

During my time at Sow True Seed, I created the Zodiac Seed Packets as a marketing initiative to engage younger generations with gardening. I created the illustrations in colored pencil and the hand-lettering in ink.

I also designed a zodiac version of the Sow True Seed logo for the cover of the collection tin. I took the sunflower motif from their original logo and added the zodiac symbols with the background colors from the individual packets. I chose each background color based on the traditional astrological ruler of the sign.

I also made the seed choice for each zodiac sign based on the principles of traditional astrology. From there, I worked each flower into the illustration of the astrological symbol on the front of the packet.

To make the zodiac packets stand out from the rest of Sow True Seed's collection I chose a jet-black background to evoke the vastness of the cosmos.

I am proud of the zodiac packets because I managed and executed the entire project, from the proposal to the illustrations and the layout.

  • Client : Sow True Seed
  • Style : Colored pencil + ink
  • Purchase
Zodiac Seed Packet Collection Tin Above: Zodiac collection tin with modified logo Zodiac Seed Packet Logo Above: Logo for zodiac collection tin incorporating the Sow True Seed logo sunflower Zodiac Seed Packet Illustrations Above: All 12 zodiac illustrations Zodiac Seed Packet Back Above: Back of seed packet design feautring the collection logo